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Pivnica Cajkov Vulcanica Pet-Nat Number 5 (11.14% ABV)

Pivnica Cajkov Vulcanica Pet-Nat Number 5 (11.14% ABV)

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Marek Uhnák of Pivnica Cajkov has seen it all. He studied viticulture, where they taught him all about chemistry, preservatives and all cool new industry stuff. 

After years of conventional wine production, he understood that if he wants to let the terroir fully express, the only way is the low intervention, the natural winemaking path. 

This vintage was blended with the still wine of 50 % Pinot Gris & 50 % Pesecka Leanka (2 weeks on skins & 1 month together) 

expresses the terroir of the volcanic Štiavnica Hills of Slovakia.

Pet Nat fermentation happens in the bottle, low intervention.

Tasting notes of watermelon, citrusy, yummy. Cheeky Star Trek reference to it's namesake, Vulcanica.