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Foradori Manzoni Bianco Fontanasanta 2019

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"How can one try to describe the wines of Elisabetta? It’s easy to say that, in this case, the grape does not fall far from the vine or the hand that cultivated it. Foradori - immediately striking, gracefully elegant, discerningly tasteful, soberly serious while at the same time wry and playful, and above all always generous and sincere. Wait, is that Elisabetta or her wines? In fact, it could easily be used to describe one or the other." I love this description and after having tried enough of her wines I couldn't agree more and hope one would describe me the same. 

Alas, this skin-contact is ethereal, pure, and light. 100% Manzoni Bianco, an early-20th-century crossing of Riesling and Pinot Bianco which is a match made in heaven if your into crystalline mineral-driven bottles.