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Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri- Mirror of Truth (300ml)

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From the Chubu region of the Nagano Prefecture. Masumi Brewery was founded in 1662 at the foot of the Japanese equivalent of the Alps, and is known for developing Yeast #7, the most commonly used yeast for non-Ginjo sake. Named for the Masumi no Kagami (Masumi Mirror), a national treasure set in the Suwa-taisha Shrine, one of the oldest in Japan. The rice for this sake, Hitogokochi, was polished to 60% which would make it technically a Ginjo, but the brewery decided to label this as a Junmai. Tasting notes: steamed rice. Rich, creamy body with a hint of sweetness and subtle flavors of melon and banana, smooth. Pair with homestyle foods like tempura, and Karaage (Japanese fried chicken).