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Mas Des Agrunelles, Carino 2019 (14.2% ABV)

Mas Des Agrunelles, Carino 2019 (14.2% ABV)

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Situated in a very fresh zone of Languedoc, in Argelliers and Murles, Mas des Agrunelles cultivate in organic and biodynamic farming a little less than 25 ha of vines. The estate was founded by Frédéric Porro and his wife, Stéphanie Ponson.

Mas des Agrunelles is situated just 20km northwest of Montpellier in the two small communes known as Argelliers and Murles. At 200m above sea level, this unique terroir sees some of the coolest microclimates in the region, keeping the freshness and acidity of the grapes desirably high. The soils are uniquely composed of well drained Jurassic Comblanchien Limestone and clay nearer the hill tops, as well as alluvial soils further down slope.

Each cuvée represents an individual parcel and is therefore vinified separately. Mas des Agrunelles do not use oenological product to avoid "standardization" of their wines. Their winemaking technique is deeply respectful of the the terroir, and very low sulfites are added to the wines at bottling.