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Floral Terranes Still Cider “Outlands” New York NV (7% ABV) 750ml

Floral Terranes Still Cider “Outlands” New York NV (7% ABV) 750ml

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the apples are a mix of foraged, wild and cultivated trees; the grapes are sourced from various backyard vineyards and Macari Vineyard, Long Island

soil: Sand, Gravel, Clay vine age: apple trees 25 –75 years old; vines 6–25 years old vineyard work: Most of the apples are sourced from places that have never been treated at all, other orchards are organic or using Integrated Pest Management; as for the grapes, the Macari Vineyard is organic/biodynamic; most backyard vineyards are practicing organic.

vinification: Apples are pressed and ferment spontaneously in open-top containers. All ciders are then put into glass demijohns and neutral oak barrels to age up to 9 months before bottling. All wines are foot-stomped and left in open-top containers to ferment spontaneously. Pressings are very gentle; all wines are put into old neutral wood barrels to age up to 10 months before bottling. All ciders and wines are unfined and unfiltered with low to no SO2 used depending on cuvée.