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Damijan Podversic Kaplja Bianco Venezia Giulia IGT 2014 - Depanneur Wines

Damijan Podversic Kaplja Bianco Venezia Giulia IGT 2014 (14% ABV)

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Growing up in Gorizia, on Italy’s northeastern border with the former Yugoslavia (now Slovenia), Damijan Podversic dreamed of following his father’s path making wine for the family’s local eatery, Osteria Ronko Bienic.

But in his twenties, after Podversic planted his own vineyards and intentionally slashed production to get better flavor concentration in his grapes, his father disowned him. Alas, family, and the dark comedy of agreeing on quality over quantity, but with a happy ending.

“My father didn’t believe in quality,” recalls Podversic, 47, a bear of an ethnic Slovenian with laugh lines around gentle blue-green eyes. “He said, ‘That is stupid. You will die of hunger.’”

The two men didn’t talk for eight years. Sometimes you have to do what you believe.

Now, Podversic’s meticulously produced skin-contact whites—labeled Damijan and classified Venezia Giulia IGT are here and sought after. This is a beautiful expressive vintage. If you love skin-contact orange wines don't miss out on trying this, natural and biodynamic.