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Chateau Yvonne Saumur Champigny 'La Folie' Loire 2018

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Just because it’s summer we still love a bottle that exudes some sophistication and structure and some  big time elegance. Think next level bbq pairing this bottle begs to be paired with food and I can’t help but think it’d go with a lot of cuisine of the summer. While 2018 was a hot vintage this wine definitely is a medium to full bodied red. I’d recommend opening it an hour or two prior to dinner and letting it breathe to experience it all it’s glory as it softened to lush red fruit expression for us when we did and was irresistible. The other thing I love about this wine is it would convert even the staunchest critic of natural wine I repeat not all Natural wine is funky and I love this is a prime example. We carried another cuvée from this winemaker in the store previously and it sold out fast! The production of their wines is really small averaging around 2,000 cases a year. Most definitely some of the best wines coming out of Saumur for sure.