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Cantalapiedra “Lirondo” Verdejo 2020 750 ML

Cantalapiedra “Lirondo” Verdejo 2020 750 ML

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​The gentle, rolling hills of Rueda lay claim to being the ancestral home of the noble Verdejo grape. Prized for its firm structure, complexity, and ability to transmit the limestone minerality of the Rueda soils, Verdejo produces one of Spain’s most distinctive white wines…as long as it is farmed well and carefully vinified.

Unfortunately in the last decade, producers large and small have adopted a very modern vision of Rueda, with the intention of producing white wines geared toward the international market. High yields, machine harvesting, selected yeasts, cold fermentation, heavy filtration, and copious amounts of sulfur have become standard winemaking practices.

This monolithic mentality has left many artisanal-minded producers striving to produce authentic, terroir-driven Verdejo wines shut out of the Rueda D.O., working under the broader Castilla y León umbrella.

Thankfully, deep respect for the land and non-interventionist winemaking shows in a finished wine regardless of appellation approval.

Let us introduce to you the father and son team of Manuel and Isaac Cantalapiedra, two of Verdejo’s vanguard working in Rueda.

Being farmers first, they strive to go beyond organic, and incorporate many biodynamic practices into their viticulture. Their grapes are oftentimes harvested later than other producers in the region. 

Manuel utilizes wild yeasts for fermentation, minimal amounts of sulfur, and no other additions.

This Verdejo is everything the varietal could be and should be tons of mouthwatering citrus fruit and the 8 months lees aging for extra texture and body, marizipan and candied pineapple.  WE LOVE to support wines like this !  Pair with seafood!