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Brooklyn Kura Number Fourteen-Junmai Ginjo

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This sake is made right here in our own backyard by two visionaries who set out to do something no one imagined before, make sake in NYC. Brooklyn Kura is the first of it’s kind, and has proven itself with each handcrafted cuvée. Universally accepted as one of the best American made sake, Brandon Doughan and Brian Polen wanted to make sake that is soft, gentle, subtle yet complex, and their flagship cuvée #14 is a great introduction not just to American sake, but sake in general. I’ve watched this sake evolve over the years into the elegant, bright, balanced with notes of banana and yogurt elixir it is today. Enjoy on it’s own or with crudo, charcuterie and any other light fare. This Junmai Gingo Namazake is brewed with US water and US grown Yamada Nishiki and calrose rice, milled to 60% and left unpasteurized. Light, fresh, crisp, and aromatic, serve it chilled, and it will zing through your pallet and open the door to a whole world of magic water.