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Bitouzet Prieur Bourgogne Rouge 2017 - Depanneur Wines

Bitouzet-Prieur Bourgogne Rouge 2018 (12.5% ABV) 750ml

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Now, this is rare: an affordable organically grown indigenous yeast amazing Pinot Noir! From Burgundy?! We couldn't believe either this is so good it sparks joy. 

From a small 1.2 hectare parcel is from the lieu-dit “Petits Pres” which sits just below the village appellation “Volnay Les Pasquieres”. The vines were planted in three separate installments: 1963, 1969 and 1970. Matured in neutral oak, bottled 20-24 months after harvest. Prieur wines always have a hallmark elegance, even at the village level. Yes to this.