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Beurer Rotgut 2020 750 ML (12% abv)

Beurer Rotgut 2020 750 ML (12% abv)

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A complex herbal and red fruited blend of Germanic and Burgundian varieties by one of the most significant producers in the region of Swabia. Beurer works certified biodynamically, often teaching younger farmers and winemakers how to do so as well.
This is Pinot Noir along with the underrated German grapes called Dornfelder and Blauer Portugieser. No filtering and very low sulfur additions.

Tasting Notes: Vivid, Energetic, dark fruits, gravelly soil (similar to soil of Loire & Bordeaux), floral tones.

what else do you want to know . It’s fr****kn delicious. Jokester name. Translation “ Good Red” !
not “Rot Gut”