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Apatsagi Pince Somloi Juhfark 2017 (13.5% ABV)

Apatsagi Pince Somloi Juhfark 2017 (13.5% ABV)

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Juhfark varietal (literally means sheep’s tail) in Central Hungary's Somló Region. Juhfark variety of grape gives very elegant wine with robust acids with clean grape taste. The best characteristic of the Juhfark is that it can humbly express the very unique terroir of the Somló. The wine from Juhfark is the one that aged in new oak barrels for short time to gain even more structure and complexity.

This tiny extinct volcano is small enough to circumnavigate on an afternoon stroll; but in the 19th century Somloi was one of the Austrian Empire's most famous wines. Bottles of Somloi were traditionally used at the wedding of the Hapsburg monarchs, as they were believed to ensure a male heir. Largely ignored by the Soviets during the cummunist era thanks to it's isolated location, the slopes of Somloi are planted to a wide variety of grapes like Welschriesling, Furmint, Harslevelu, and Juhfark.

This 100% Juhfark has a strong mineral character showing a fruity and floral nose and a vibrant and crisp palate. Delicious with charcuterie as well as pork and poultry dishes.