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Azienda Agricola Salvatore Marino Turi Bianco, 2019

Azienda Agricola Salvatore Marino Turi Bianco, 2019

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Salvatore respects bio-diversity, and lunar calendar helps make the choices of the right time for the working in the vineyard, all done by hand. HOE AND SCISSORS are the tools I used. Mature organic manure and green manuring are the only form of fertilisation utilised. Salvatore Marino

The Salvatore Marino Turi Bianco is a natural wine made from the Sicilian Catarratto grape. Only native yeasts are used and fermentation is spontaneous. The deep yellow colored white wine has citrus fruit, fresh flowers, herbs and a slight saltiness that make it a perfect pick for seafood or ripe cheeses. 

Soil type:Alluvial, Clay, Limestone

Organic, Biodynamic, Uncertified