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Joao Pato Duckman Espumante Bruto Branco 2019 (12% ABV)

Joao Pato Duckman Espumante Bruto Branco 2019 (12% ABV)

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100% Fernão Pires. From 20 year old vines planted on 2 hectares of sandy soil within a site called Amoreira da Gândara. The grapes are harvested at the beginning of September with spontaneous fermentation taking place in stainless steel, with ambient yeasts, for three weeks with no temperature control. The wine is aged one year on lees, bottled October 2018 and released in January 2020.

Maria Joao Pato focuses on making artisanal wines from local grape varietals. This Bruno Branco Espumante comes in tiny parcel of Fernao Pires. Fermented with wine from 1997 used as the “liqueur de triage”.

The salinity and fresh herbs of the Fernao Pires are balanced with texture and subtle richness of long Lee’s aging. A unique sparkling wine and very affordable bubbly.