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Bloomer Creek Gewürztraminer Orange 2020

Bloomer Creek Gewürztraminer Orange 2020

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 Made with Gewürztraminer from two parcels (Morehouse Road, 26 y/o vines, Auten, 7 y/o vines) grapes are picked, once in the early season for acidity and another time when they are riper. Grapes are blended together at varying percentages from both vineyards and spontaneously fermented on the skins from eleven days to three weeks. Unfined and unfiltered, with minimal S02 only at bottling.

On November 19 (2020) the finished product was blended with the base skin-fermented Gewürztraminer Pet Nat from nine different completed fermentations. On December 7th, using slowly fermenting Riesling from the outdoor fermenter as sweetener, the first of the 2020 vintages was bottled.

Blended together, these fermentations offer a juicy core supported by earthy, dried citrus peel and tannin.