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Kurosawa, Junmai Kimoto Sake (15% ABV) 720ml

Kurosawa, Junmai Kimoto Sake (15% ABV) 720ml

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Earthy and nutty with a terrific sharp acidity from the kimoto method, this is a classic Kimoto Junmai.  A terrifically dynamic food sake, excellent chilled or warm, and able to pair with a range of cuisine but particularly good with heartier fare.
Locally grown rice milled to 65%.

More info from Skurnik:

  • Made in the high mountain region of Nagano from snow-melt water and locally grown rice milled to 65%.
  • Premium Junmai grade sake made from just rice, water, yeast and koji.
  • Traditional “kimoto” method that picks up ambient microbes from local environment, gives sake robust character and prominent acidity.
  • Rustic flavor profile of black walnuts and cacao nibs.
  • Serving chilled will keep the sake lean and acidic, gently heating to 100F or more will bring out sweetness and chocolate notes.
Producer: Kurosawa Brewery
Vintage: NV
Country: Japan
Region: Nagano
Appellation: Nagano Prefecture
Variety: Ramisco