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Julian Haart Riesling 1,000 L 2020 (10.5% ABV) 750ml

Julian Haart Riesling 1,000 L 2020 (10.5% ABV) 750ml

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When Julian released his first vintage under his own label in 2010, the world noticed. Even though he’s made more than a few jaw-dropping wines, most of his tastings end with him telling you what he would have done differently, where he thinks he failed, and how he could have done better, says our distributor, Vom-Boden.

Everything’s done by hand on the crazy steep vineyards of ungrafted vines around 100 years old. Laser-like precision not lacking in opulent fruit. This “entry level “ bottling comes from his large 1,000 L Fuder and has you wondering man if this is entry level what’s the next level up ?

Well, if you ask us maybe we can grab some single vineyard bottlings  but until then …..Order in some Dan Dan Noodles from Han Dynasty, and call it a night!